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Shield Yourself


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If you are considering Hat Shield for a commercial application, contact us for a sample pack.

Why Hat Shield?

Use the patent pending Hat Shield™️ to shield yourself and others. Simply slide this transparent face shield over any ball cap. The Hat Shield is recyclable and designed for one time use. The Hat Shield is easily added to your everyday workplace practices – shield your employees, students, patrons and customers.

Most importantly help us reduce the excess pressure on the medical supply chain and those who need traditional face shields approved for medical purposes.


Introducing the Hat Shield Plus 2.0

The Hat Shield™️ Plus 2.0 has some great improvements over the previous version. The BIGGEST improvement is the new maximum clarity plastic. This new plastic has greatly enhanced clarity, is anti-fog, and has a scratch resistant removable liner. We tweaked the design of this new shield as well, adding a droplet guard on the bottom to add both shield rigidity as well as extra protection.


The Hat Shield™️ easily slides onto any ball cap or visor.


The Hat Shield™️ is washable and re-usable.


Help us reduce the pressure on the medical equipment Supply Chain!


Hat Shield for your Workforce.

The Hat Shield™️ is intended to be a convenient, and easily implementable tool to increase your precautionary efforts in the workplace, especially for those who work in close proximity to one another.

Customize Hat Shield™️ to display your own brand and messaging.


For your Customers, Patrons & Students.

There are many companies and institutions that have a great amount of public and or group interaction. The Hat Shield™️ is a great solution. Simply offer this tool at the entrance of your store, building, school or facility like you would any other sanitary tool, like hand sanitizer or sanitization wipes.


The Simple Solution For Many Applications

Commercial Establishments

The Hat Shield™️ is great for commercial establishments such as food processors, handlers, distribution centers and grocery stores. Businesses in general manufacturing will also find the Hat Shield to be a simple and economical solution to implement across the workforce.

Public Service Facilities

The Hat Shield™️ works well in public service facilities like schools, pediatric and primary care physician centers when used as a simple and effective tool to offer students, guests or visitors as they enter the facility.

Retail Establishments

Retail establishments such as banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and high traffic areas will find the the Hat Shield an effective tool for their employees and customers.

Special Bulk Pricing For Medical Institutions

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